Frozen Pride

My Colorado roots have always made me approach West Coast winters with a certain pride. Ha! Look at all these silly Angelenos, walking around in their parkas and snow hats. My boogers used to freeze on the way to school, people! This isn’t real winter! This isn’t cold! I would love telling stories about having […]


This past summer, I met up with my brother in Southeast Asia to do some traveling.  We spent time in Luang Prabang, Laos, one of the poorest places on Earth.  Aside from the best egg sandwiches you’ll ever taste, Laos is also home to some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.  This is from […]


  Whenever I go back home, I have a habit of going through books and journals and other random junk in my old childhood room.  The last time I was there, I came across my East High School Senior Yearbook.  Being the vain actor that I am (ask my roommates how many times they’ve had […]

The Party in East LA

  This week, we find our heroes, Batman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman at a party in East Los Angeles.  The season is Summer.  The temperature, high.  Sugar intake, even higher… The party had devolved into madness pretty quickly.  The parents had rented out the lot of an old airplane hanger.  They filled it with one […]

The Real Darth Vader Wears Pink Froggy Shoes

“The real Darth Vader wears pink froggy shoes,” she said, her face scrunched, hands on her hips.  I’d been in Los Angeles two years at this point, taking classes in Improv comedy for almost all of them, and I had just been rendered speechless by a six-year-old girl.  And she was mad.  Really mad.  I […]

The Pinata Party

It wasn’t the birthday party from Hell, but it sure was in Hell’s zip code.  About half an hour in, I’d given up trying to stop the kid in the Green Striped Shirt from choking me with my own cape.  I figured, if his parents were gonna sit there in front of us and watch […]


A year and a half after graduating from college, I was back in the Mile High City for the winter holidays.  I had spent the previous year living in Los Angeles, rediscovering a latent love for the craft of acting.  The hardest part about starting a life of acting is going home.  I had nothing […]